To make your diving experience better we pride ourselves on having the best quality diving facilities and equipment. On entry there is a well stocked shop and comfortable welcome area for you to relax, engage with fellow underwater enthusiasts and chat with our approachable and knowledgeable team.

The dive centre has a well equipped workshop, dedicated drying and equipment storage area and top quality rental equipment available for hire.


We have a wide range of equipment to suit divers throughout the whole year. All equipment is thoroughly serviced on a yearly basis and inspected regularly to ensure perfect working order. Recreational equipment is predominantly Aqualung, as we are an Aqualung affiliated dive centre. We also offer technical equipment for rental and courses. Regulators for Tec are predominantly Apeks.

Shop and Lounge

On entrance to our Dive Centre we have a spacious shop/lounge area. A place where you can browse the latest equipment on offer, enquire about diving or grab a quick coffee before a morning adventure. It is also a relaxed place to organise any relevant paperwork for whatever dive adventures you decide upon.

Drying Area

We have a dedicated equipment drying area for use by any of our divers. Whether you are conducting courses with our equipment, or diving with your own, you can have comfort in the knowledge that your equipment will be safe and ready for the next day’s diving!